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About Seeds Digital

Nurturing Business Growth Through Digital Marketing

The roots of Seeds Digital run deep and began with Secretary Central, which was launched in July 2012. The rebrand to Seeds Digital in the spring of 2022 was purposeful. The evolution from Secretary Central to Seeds Digital demonstrates how our business has grown from a virtual assistant partner and blossomed into a full-service digital marketing agency based in Edison, New Jersey.

With your business marketing and growth being the primary goal of Seeds Digital, it’s only appropriate that we are based in the garden state and launched our rebrand during the spring; a time for fresh beginnings and the germination of new life. It’s all a terrific metaphor for what Seeds Digital will do for your business!

At Seeds Digital, our experienced marketing professionals partner with business owners and leaders like you to achieve your business goals for expansion. We identify your target market, analyze your company’s online presence, and build a superior marketing strategy to nurture and grow your business online and beyond.

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Jennifer Wilner

Chief Creativity Officer

Our Mission Statement

Seeds Digital assists business owners with digital marketing services to pollinate positive relationships with existing clients and their target audience to feed business growth. Through our cornucopia of marketing services, Seeds Digital builds and promotes your company’s distinctive brand to harvest the abundance of clients in your local market and beyond.

Perennial Growth Fed by Seeds Digital

Marketing services by Seeds Digital support your business goals for sustainable growth to expand your organization’s reach affordably. Seeds Digital uses search engine optimization (SEO) in the creative content our seasoned writers produce for your organization’s website, blogs, and ghost blogs so your company is easy to find online.

Our team of marketing experts assists you in determining which social media platforms are best for reaching your target audience to cultivate new business while increasing the loyalty of your existing customer base. Seeds Digital can also assist with pay-per-click (PCC) ads, paid search ads, and paid social ads to feed your marketing plan, germinate brand exposure, and foster growth for your business.

From brand development and copywriting to crafting a digital marketing plan that fits your business needs, Seeds Digital sows the seeds for expansion in the right places for optimal development. With support from Seeds Digital, your business will experience the perennial, organic growth you desire while building brand recognition and loyalty.

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Why Choose Seeds Digital for Your Business Marketing?

Whether you operate a small mom and pop in New Jersey or a major nationwide corporation, the marketing specialists at Seeds Digital adapt our marketing services to the specific needs of your business. Seeds Digital can become your all-in-one digital marketing greenhouse or we can partner with your in-house marketing team to accelerate the propagation of your company.

Seeds Digital proffers a wide variety of quality marketing services to tend to your growth goals so you can focus on operating your business. Our marketing professionals have a green thumb when it comes to determining the right marketing strategies to nurture business expansion.

At Seeds Digital, we offer the following marketing services with proven results:
  • Digital Marketing Analysis
  • Brand Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Online Marketing
  • Digital Newsletters
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Creative Content Writing
  • SEO Services
  • Blogs & Ghost Blogs
  • Blog Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Press Releases
  • Digital Art Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Training
  • Digital Evolution
  • More

With Seeds Digital, your business growth is our priority. You’re not just a client with Seeds Digital. You’re a member of our family and we are dedicated to expanding the digital presence of your business with competitive pricing.
Through a digital marketing analysis, Seeds Digital sows marketing seeds to move your target audience to action. Your business will flourish even more with paid ads, geo-targeting, and audience identification tools. We share and celebrate your business accomplishments with local media through press releases for even greater exposure. All of this is just the beginning!

Businesses That Grow with Seeds Digital

Regardless of industry or size, Seeds Digital can assist any organization in achieving its growth goals using effective digital marketing strategies. Our experts use technology to conduct market research to develop a strategic digital marketing plan for your company to be found on search engines such as Google and Firefox.

The marketing professionals at Seeds Digital leverage business branding, SEO, and social media so your business can develop new leads for digital growth. At Seeds Digital, we work with a breadth of industries including:

  • Law Firms & Attorneys
  • Insurance Companies
  • Public Speakers
  • Industry Trainers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Driveway Sealing Companies
  • Solar Companies
  • Many Other